We need a ‘Dessignated Carer’ campaign!

We need a ‘Dessignated Carer’ campaign!

Is it safe to drink when you are breastfeeding?

No, we are told sternly. No alcohol when breastfeeding. It enters the milk, is not healthy for the baby and it compromises milkproduction. Others say that one glass, directly after a breastfeed, is no problem. If you really want to.

So does this imply that one can drink ‘normally’ when a baby drinks formula? No! Alcohol compromises both coordination and your estimation of the state of your own coordination. After 2 glasses one may feel competent, but that is not the case anymore.

With a young child in the house there needs to be someone present who can look after the kid in a sober and dependable state. Who can safely lift a baby to change that nappy. Someone who will sleep lightly enough to hear him or her at 3 AM. And who at 6 AM can say ‘how nice to see you’.

After more than 2 glasses you may think you can do all that. But it’s not safe.

So you need a ‘dessignated carer’.

And the question is not: how much can I drink safely when breastfeeding. The question should be: who is looking after our baby, who will be the dessignated carer.

Breast or formula: same question same answer.